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Stenotrophomonas maltophila


General Characteristics :

  • motile
  • gram negative rods
  • environmental organism
  • nosocomial pathogen

Colonial Appearance :

  • BAP
    • nonhemolytic
    • large, smooth and shiny
    • can be gray-white or slight yellow pigment with ammonia-like odor
    • may have lavender-green discoloration of agar
  • MAC
    • nonlactose fermenting
    • may have brownish discoloration

Biochemical Reactions :

  • oxidase negative
  • oxidizes maltose and glucose (weakly)
  • motile
  • decarboxylates lysine (Acinetobacter is negative)
  • DNase positive (B. cepacia is negative)

Pathogenesis and Infection Disease :

  • colonizer
  • associated with immunosuppressed persons, cystic fibrosis patients, and invasive medical devices
  • respiratory infections (pneumonia and cystic fibrosis)
  • urinary tract infections (Foley catheters)
  • bloodstream infections (intravenous lines)
  • wound isolates should have pus present (WBC on direct gram stain)

Prevention and Treatment :

  • infection control measures
  • determine clinical significance prior to treatment
  • intrinsically resistant to many antibiotics
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