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Burkholderia pseudomallei


General Characteristics :

  • oxidase positive
  • motile
  • aerobic
  • gram negative rod
  • smooth and mucoid colony or dry and wrinkled on BAP
  • musty or earthy odor

Biochemical Reactions :

  • nonlactose fermentation on MAC, but can appear pink after 4-7 days
  • positive for oxidation of lactose and decarboxylation of lysine ( while P. stutzeri is negative)
  • resistant to colistin and polymyxin B (Pseudomonas spp and S. maltophila are susceptible)
  • Arginine positve (B. cepacia and B. gladioli are negative)

Pathogenesis and Infectious Disease :

  • Etiologic agent of melioidosis
    • may be asymptomatic or
    • an acute pulmonary infection
    • septicemia
    • multiple abscesses in the skin and subcutaneous tissue
    • Vietnamese time bomb
  • potential bioterror agent


Burkholderia mallei

  • infections that occur in animals
    • etiologic agents of glanders
      • localized infection
      • acute pulmonary infection
      • fulminant sepsis
    • potential bioterror agent


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