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Burkholderia cepacia


General Characteristics :

  • motile
  • gram negative rod
  • environmental organism
  • associated with cystic fibrosis patients

Colonial Appearance :

  • SBA
    • smooth and slightly raised
    • “dirt-like” odor
    • some may have yellow or green pigment
  • MAC
    • nonlactose fermentation
    • may be pink after 4-7 day incubation
  • Selective and differential medium
    • Burkholderia cepacia selective agar (BCSA)

Biochemical Reactions :

  • use 2 different identification systems to ensure accuracy
  • molecular methods recommended
  • oxidase positive but may be weak
  • lysine positive
  • oxidizes glucose, maltose, and lactose
  • oxidizes mannitol (S. maltophilia is negative)
  • DNase negative (S. maltophila is positive)

Prevention and Treatment :

  • resistant to aminoglycosides
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