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Acinetobacter baumannii



General Characteristics :

  • pleomorphic, aerobic gram negative rods
  • appears as coccobacillus in single, pairs, and short chains
  • can confuse with Neisseria or Moraxella
  • can resemble as gram positive cocci when grown in liquid medium (eg. blood cultures) or direct gram stains
  • environmental organism
  • nosocomial pathogen

Colonial Appearance :

  • nonhemolytic
  • smooth, opaque, raised, wet-looking, gray-white colony on BA
  • nonlactose fermenting with slight bluish-pink tint

Biochemical Reactions :

  • nonmotile
  • oxidase negative
  • nonlactose fermenter
  • gelatin and lysine negative while S. maltophilia is positive for these tests

Pathogenesis and Infectious Disease : 

  • nosocomial pathogen
    • severe pneumonia
    • blood stream infections
    • UTI
    • burn patients
  • “Iraqibacter” because it is common isolate from soldiers injured in Iraq and Afganistan

Prevention and Treatment :

  • “gram negative MRSA” therefore use same control measures as MRSA
  • multi-drug resistant gram negative rod
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